Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Motorola XOOM Showcases prices for UK and Germany

Motorola XOOM Showcases prices for UK and Germany...

After the marketing plan, the new Motorola XOOM is ready to land in Europe. News comforting fact come from the United Kingdom, where the dealer initiated the pre-order the device (UPDATE: Pre-Order withdrawn).

Really aggressive selling prices, which aim to overthrow the 'Apple iPad, the number one rival. The price refers to the version of Wi-Fi 32 GB has been fixed at £ 450 or about € 530, well £ 60 cheaper than all 'iPad with the same characteristics.

Even in Germany, the operator T-Mobile has unveiled details of the sale of the tablet, unlike the German version of the English will have connectivity to 3G (in addition to Wi-Fi and 32 GB of memory), the price was set to € 699.95 , only € 0.95 more than the same version of the 'iPad. The marketing should be done around the end of next April.

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