Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More details about Cook's speech: "Apple is not just for the rich"

More details about Cook's speech: "Apple is not just for the rich"...

The COO of Apple's Tim Cook , as well as temporary replacement for Steve Jobs in the role of CEO because of the precarious health of the founder of Apple , recently shared with Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research visions of the world its iPhone and especially the possibility of constructing economic iPhone . While Sacconaghi has not given the exact words of Cook, has paraphrased the text very well.

Tim has stopped short of saying explicitly that Apple is following the path of the phone at a lower cost, working hard and trying to interpret the market for prepaid.

Sacconaghi confirms what was reported yesterday that Cook would have explicitly stated that he does not want Apple seems only to rich people, but also wants to hit the market from the world of prepaid, such as China, and we'll add this, the Italian one.

Sure the iPhone is available through prepaid as of now, but as you all know you have to pay money not just to have a device unlocked and without a contract. iPhone nano on the horizon?

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