Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A new Trojan for Mac OS X, BlackHole RAT, undergoing tests

A new Trojan for Mac OS X, BlackHole RAT, undergoing tests...

Mac OS X is much more secure than Windows, but that doesn't mean that Apple's operating system is completely free of threats. It has recently come to light a new Trojan called BlackHole Remote Access Trojan, which takes the form of an easy to use application that he allows entering other computers from your IP.

Using this Trojan, a user can take control of an alien Mac and restart it, turn it off, put it to sleep, run terminal commands, open web pages (which if turn malicious websites are the possible damage is even greater), copy text on desktop filesrequesting the password for the Administrator without reason methods the biggest problem is that the application is very easy to use and in the hands of a little expert user with bad intentions could give more than a headache to some users.

That do not panic: BlackHole is in beta, so it does not yet represent a real threat. Anyway could be quickly gaining more features, so the security company Sophos (that is which has been reported in the first place of this Trojan), recommended to take action.

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