Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[Special Mac OS X Lion] The quick look comes to Spotlight

[Special Mac OS X Lion] The quick look comes to Spotlight...

Preview, the preview instant (or near-instantaneous depending on the file) system and the power of the computer of Mac OS X was one of the features star of Leopard and Lion Apple has proposed making the day giving him more than a simple facelift. The first noticeable change is its interface, which leaves behind the semi-transparent black Leopard or Snow Leopard to adopt the same signature Lion immaculate grey style acquired a new button with which you can open the document in the application default to do so.

In addition to previously supported documents (images, videos, PDFs, iWork, Office…), the new quick look to preview web pages, emails, definitions from the dictionary, contacts, or the information in an application not only in Finder, but in virtually any of the applications of the system such as iChat or Mail, and integrating to perfection in areas like the batteries of the Dock or Spotlight.

Precisely in this last place, Spotlight, is where quick look reveals all their utility, offering previews of any of the search results that place the mouse cursor. It is also very easy to preview web pages in Mail or iChat through the mediation of the detectors of data that Act on any address url or link that found in its path.

Quick view of Lion pictures

Quick view with Lion audio playback controls

Quick view of videos in Lion

Quick view of PDF documents with pages on Lion selector

Quick view of web pages on Lion

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