Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The transparent body of the iPhone costs only $ 24

The transparent body of the iPhone costs only $ 24...

We have already seen some homes for iPhone is completely transparent, and besides being incredibly attractive also require a simple assembly and disassembly of the new rear bodywork on iPhone 4 requires only a simple screwdriver five-lobed (which can be easily purchased from iFixit for a few €) and dropped like a normal battery cover shell similar to those already we knew about 3310 of Nokia (just to give you an example known to everyone).

If you want to get pads directly without the transparent panel to have to produce at home you can still avoid the part of the process is to come into contact with hazardous chemicals and buy the song directly from the MIC . gadget that sells for 24 U.S. dollars .

See the nakedness of your phone through the transparent body is something really fascinating and I think any geek freak iPhone 4 should pass up, even considering that in a few minutes you can replace the old panel, if not you should be happy about this

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